This brand new label Is Run By Patrick Ruane, Clement Ignace and Eddie Gordon  & the K/O Collective. Musically geared towards House, Garage, and Trap and down tempo grooves. Perfect for those summer vibes, yeah we all miss those don’t we! Patrick is one halve of renowned house mainstream Groover’s Nightstylers & founder member of the new  Music collective Komplex Order, where as, Eddie Gordon doesn’t need an introduction. Head Honcho of LA Based Kings of Spins, purveyors of music to the best radio outlets across the globe, amongst many other things. With Pat  and Eddie at the helm, between the two of them they have musical tentacles that reach far and wide. Check for your self Kings of Spins represent the global hub of Music Radio PR at its finest. Alongside having direct “under the counter levels of influence," to coin an old school London record shop phrase, Eddies Humble beginnings from deepest Kent, UK, has seen the meteorical rise through the musical ranks. Yet again proving that ChillnBass is defiantly worth keeping an eye on, what with Patrick, Clement and Eddie having such experience and pedigree within the global independent  dance music movement.